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Subject: Time: 1940-1960

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E-BK WW2M 7 For a Testimony - Bruce Hunt

A Story of Korea in World War II

By Hunt, Bruce F.

Bruce Hunt (1903-1992), an American Presbyterian missionary working among Koreans, narrated his experiences in Manchuria during the Second World War, when he was imprisoned by the invading Japanese. Maltreated, half-starved, tormented, released, re-arrested, cast greatly upon God he was brought through to the praise of divine grace. But what inspires the reader is the author’s burden for the Korean Christians, who loved not their lives unto death. The account of their consistency under persecution is a great encouragement to missionary endeavour.

Edward J. Young of Westminster Seminary wrote: "The Rev. Bruce F. Hunt is a highly respected missionary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Born in Korea, he has spent practically his entire life in that country preaching the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. His devoted labours have been deeply blessed of God. In the present book his love to Christ shines forth on every page. This is not an ordinary book but here is the fascinating account of one who, even in severe trial, was faithful to his Lord. It is a book that all Christians should read, and if non-Christians would read it, they might come to understand the secret of such a life."

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