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Subject: 2015

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YBH13 First Campaign Arnold Viersen

By Van Reest, Ronald

“It sure feels good,” said Arnold, “driving an old car to start my first campaign. That’s how many politicians have done it.”“Indeed,” said Ronald, thinking of a story about the well-known preacher, Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral in California. Apparently, Rev. Schuller and his wife had begun their ministry, travelling in an old Volkswagenbus. They would park it at a street corner and he preached from the roof of the bus. Rev. Schuller was not known for orthodoxy, but his humble beginnings were certainly worthy of admiration. “So this is your first campaign trip?”“Yes, apart from going door to door. I have signed up more than two hundred people locally. But several hundred more will be needed in order to win the nomination. Tony Van Pater said that if he had had three hundred more supporters, he would have won his nomination.”

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