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Subject: Time: 1930-1952

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Set of 3 Precious Memories

By Brands, Carol

Book 1: The First 10 Years

In an area surrounded by the big woods of Wisconsin, the Mississipi and Missouri Rivers, Walnut Grove and Plum Creek, and the prairies of south Dakota, a new generation of faith, settled in the days of the first automobile, electricity, and gas furnaces (that would explode). Carol Brands has depicted the true story of a country girl, Katherine, in a setting of world wars, by a very accurate account, which will likely cause thousands to visit places such as Rock Rapids in Iowa and Leota and Magnolia in Minnesota in years to come in between exploring De Smet in South Dakota and Walnut Grove in Minnesota.

Living history, so that children (and their parents too) understand times past in order to be a blessing in times present, for the glory of God! “ . . . a wonderful book . . . spiritually uplifting . . . warm human insight and nostalgia . . . delightful reading as I recovered from hip surgery. I’d like to order four more copies . . .”

“This is no sappy, quasi-Christian literature; this is the real deal. . . the proverbial diamond in the rough . . . I am going to see that the library at Heritage Christian School, where my children are enrolled, has several copies . . .”

“One of the finest Christian books I’ve read for young people . . .”

Historical Fiction for Teens & Adults