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Subject: Time: 829-1540

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E-BK WHP10 The Rise and Establishment of Protestantism in Sweden and Denmark

By Wylie, J.A.

The contest this time was respecting revenues and the exemption of the prelates of the Church. Battle being joined, the king inquired, "From where have the clergy their prebends and ecclesiastical immunities? " "From the donation of pious kings and princes," responded Dr. Gallus, "liberally bestowed, according to the Word of God, for the sustentation of the Church." "Then," replied the king, "may not the same power that gave, take away, especially when the clergy abuse their possessions?" "If they are taken away," replied the Popish champion, "the Church will fall, and Christ’s Word, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, will fail." "The goods of the Church," said the king, "go into the belly of sluggards, who know not to write or preach any useful thing, but spend the hours, which they call canonical, in singing canticles, with but small show of devotion. Since therefore," continued the king, "it cannot be proved from Scripture that these goods are the absolute property of the clergy, and since they manifestly do not further the ends of piety, is it not just that they be turned to a better use, and one that will benefit the Church?"

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