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Hermeneutics and the Bible - ICRC 2001

By Vanbruggen, Jacob

Proceedings of the International Conference of Reformed Churches June 20-27, 2001, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Included are the following papers: Biblical Principles of the Unity of the Church — A Reformed (Continental) Perspective - J. DeJong; The Unity of the Church in the Westminster Tradition - W.D.J. McKay; Hermeneutics and the Bible - J. van Bruggen; Work Among the Jewish People: Historical Perspectives and the Contemporary Challenge - J.S. Ross; The Regulative Principle of Worship - G.I. Williamson; The work of the Holy Spirit in the Believer: Illustrated by the Spirit’s office of leading the believer from regeneration to glorification - C. Pronk.

Reformed Doctrine & Theology