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Subject: Time: 1685-1697

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H.I. 7 Done and Dared in Old France

By Alcock, Deborah

Huguenot Inheritance Series #7

Christine Farenhorst wrote in Christian Renewal:

Ten-year-old Gaspard, accidentally separated from his parents, is raised by a group of outlaw salt runners who fear neither God nor man. . . . Through the providence of God, Gaspard’s heart turns to Him in faith and after a series of adventures is able to flee France to the safer Protestant shores of England. Fine and absorbing reading. Deborah Alcock has wonderful vocabulary, is a marvelous story-teller, and brings out the amazing hand of God’s almighty power in every chapter. Highly recommended.

About the Huguenot Inheritance Series:

When speaking about the Huguenots, one often hears the exclamation, “I am also a descendant of the Huguenots!” Considering the fact that thousands of Huguenots were dispersed over the whole world, especially to Canada, England, The Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, and the U.S.A., it is very likely that 30% of the North American population has some Huguenot blood running through their veins. Of the Protestants it may well be the majority that has some connection with those who were martyred and exiled for their faith. Eight generations back our forefathers number approximately 132. One of these ancestors may very well have been a Huguenot. But, aside from the family connection, all descendants of the Reformation, who maintain the Faith of the fathers, will realize the kinship we have with these brothers and sisters in Christ. This kinship, and the example of their faith, has moved the publisher to launch this series of books.

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