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YBH12 Strangers in the Valleys

By Alcock, Deborah

A Continuation of Sunset in Provence

“Listen! Someone knocks.”

Henri sprang to the door, and hastily unbarred it. A young man, whose fur coat was covered with snow, entered immediately, bringing a current of cold air and a stream of water into the comfortable room.

“You here, Christophe!” cried the pastor, recognizing a member of his flock who lived at a considerable distance. “What errand has brought you so far on such a night?”

“An ill one, Barbe,” said the young man. “My poor mother — God help her! — lies since morning speechless, and as far as I can see, at the point of death.”

It must be remembered that the barbe was by his calling a physician for the body as well as for the soul. It was not necessary, therefore, for the young peasant even to express a desire that he should accompany him. Without a moment’s delay he rose to prepare for the expedition. It was a difficult, toilsome, and even dangerous one. A walk of seven miles at night, and in a snow-storm . . .

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