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Run Kevin, Run! Prins, Piet

By Prins, Piet

The Four Adventurers Meet

Orphaned and feeling shipwrecked, Kevin Robbins ends up with relatives who, unlike his own parents, are practising Christians. Unable to make the adjustment, Kevin “cops out” by running away to his home town.

On the way he is adopted by two crooks who insist on “protecting” him from the police. He fools himself into believing that as long as he has no clear proof of his partners’ crimes his own conscience is clear.

Eventually the proof comes. Suddenly Kevin really finds himself wanted by the police. Not knowing where to go, his description broadcast by the media, he drifts aimlessly, intent only on avoiding human contact.

He runs from his mother’s memory, from his foster parents, from people who want to help him, from the crooks, from the police. But mostly he runs from himself, accompanied only by another vagabond, Hobojo, his one and only friend.

Fiction for Children