Subject: Time: 1944-1945

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Shadow 1 - Lonely Sentinel, Old

By Prins, Piet

One of the most exciting series of a master story teller about the German occupation of The Netherlands during the emotional time of the Second World War (1940-1945).

K. Bruning in Una Sancta about Vol.4 - The Partisans, and Vol. 5 - Sabotage: . . . the country was occupied by the German military forces. The nation’s freedom was destroyed by the foreign men in power. Violence, persecutions and executions were the order of the day, and the main target of the enemy was the destruction of the christian way of life. In that time the resistance movement of underground fighters became very active. People from all ages and levels joined in and tried to defend the Dutch Christian heritage as much as possible. The above mentioned books show us how older and younger people were involved in that dangerous struggle. It often was a life and death battle. Every page of these books is full of tension. The stories give an accurate and very vivid impression of that difficult and painful time. These books should also be in the hands of our young people. They are excellent instruments to understand the history of their own country and to learn the practical value of their own confession and Reformed way of life. What about as presents on birthdays?

Vol. 1 The Lonely Sentinel ISBN 1-894666-72-0 US$10.90

Vol. 2 Hideout in the Swamp ISBN 1-894666-73-9 US$10.90

Vol. 3 The Grim Reaper ISBN 1-894666-74-7 US$10.90

Vol. 4 The Partisans ISBN 0-921100-07-8 US$10.90

Vol. 5 Sabotage ISBN 0-921100-08-6 US$10.90

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