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E-BK Church Order Commentary - 1941 Edition

By Idzerd Van Dellen & Martin Monsma

No Christian can observe and study life and the world in which we live without seeing that God loves order. The seasons of the year, our own bodies, and all things created tell us, in spite of the mars and scars of sin, that the great Creator of all things is a God of order. The Bible, God’s special revelation, tells us the same thing emphatically.

Now God is ever true to Himself. Sublime harmony and order mark His triune being. Consequently God can do nothing in a haphazard, slipshod fashion. That would militate against His very essence. That would be ruinous in its effect upon His creation.

For these reasons the Church at Corinth is also admonished: "But let all things be done decently and in order." (I Cor. 14:40.) And it is for the maintenance of good order in the Church of Christ, and for the promotion of its true welfare, that "offices, assemblies, supervision of doctrine, sacraments and ceremonies, and Christian discipline," have been instituted. For these same reasons our fathers of Reformation days accepted a limited set of rules regulating these several matters. These rules comprise our Church Order.

By maintaining well organized Churches with their, "offices, assemblies, etc." we vary definitely from certain mystical, inner-light groups who neglect all these important matters and even stand opposed to them. Our fathers definitely disagreed with the Anabaptists of the sixteenth century on this score, and felt persuaded by Holy Writ to sponsor well organized Churches.

"Served the rascal right," said Charles.

Reformed Liturgy & Church Order