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Subject: Time: 1983-1991

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E-BK When the Wicked Seize a City

By Mcllhenny, Chuck & D

"The house is on fire!"

A highly publicized lawsuit . . . a house firebombed in the night . . . the shatter of windows smashed by politically (and wickedly) motivated vandals cuts into the night . . .

All because Chuck Mcllhenny voiced God’s condemnation of a behavior and life-style and protested the destruction of society that results from its practice. That behavior is homosexuality, and that life-style is the gay culture. He was subsequently hounded and terrorized in his own town.

This book explores the rise of gay power and what it will mean if Christians do not organize and prepare for the battle.

"Chuck Mcllhenny is a dangerous man. If we had 10,000 more like him, America might experience a revival instead of suffering a moral decline. It is a call to arms for the rest of us." —Cal Thomas,

"Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny’s stand for freedom is a real example to those who find themselves up against the law . . . I was glad I had a small part in helping this man during his trial by fire." —John W. Whitehead

Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny continue to serve at the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Francisco where Chuck is the pastor. Frank York is a freelance writer and editor in Nashville, Tennessee.

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