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Subject: Time: 1685-1695

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CD4 H.I.15 The Huguenot's Family

By Veenland, Henszen

“Julie!” he cried in surprise, “What brings you here on such a stormy day?”

“I wanted . . . I came . . .” The woman could not finish. She was pale as a ghost, and seemed utterly stupefied

“Please, come inside where it’s warm.” Dropping his hammer at his feet, Catel took his neighbour’s arm, and led the dazed woman to the cottage. Henri hovered a few steps behind, greatly concerned.

In the Catel’s warm front room, Julie fell into the first chair, her eyes staring vacantly before her. With a deep sigh, she bent listlessly to unfasten her sodden cloak.

“Oh Julie, whatever is wrong?” cried Pierette, springing to her side to help her remove the dripping garment.

The woman looked up, her eyes brimming. “Annette!” she whimpered.

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