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Subject: Time: 19th century

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Three Months Under the Snow

By Porchat, J.J.

This morning when I awoke, I found myself in complete darkness, and at first supposed that my sleep had quitted me at an earlier hour than usual. However, I heard my grandfather feeling his way about, and I rubbed my eyes, but did not see a bit better."Grandfather," said I, "you are up before daylight.""My dear boy," he answered, " if we were to wait for the light of day, we should remain long enough in bed. I fear the snow is above the window."At this I uttered a cry of horror and leaped out of bed. I soon lighted our lamp, and we were then able to perceive that my grandfather’s conjecture was well-founded."But the window is low," he added, "besides, it may be that the snow has been heaped up in this part; perhaps we should not see it above two feet deep at some paces from the wall."

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