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Story Bible for Older Children - Set

By De Vries, Anne

This story Bible is a classic in which Anne DeVries touches on the episodes recorded in Scripture one by one, bringing them to life for children through dramatic dialogue, imaginative description, and careful attention to narrative structure. The exquisitely detailed and unique illustrations by Cornelis Jetses reinforce the story of God’s dealings with His people in a beautiful way.

Old Testament ISBN 978-0921100-96-6 US$29.95 New Testament ISBN 978-0921100-97-3 US$29.95 SET OF OLD and NEW TESTAMENT 0921100-96-6/97-3 US$55.95

“. . . was sorting through old pictures today and found this one. It was taken eleven years ago . . . on my son’s birthday party. See all those party boys listening to a beautifully told Bible story by Anne DeVries! We have read these books over and over and they are now falling apart. I would love to buy a big stack to equip my grown up children (we have nine — all busy growing) [with] these two bible story books so they can read them to their children. They are written precisely to Scripture, by a man who clearly understood God’s redemption plan and portrays it in a faith-building way. I have bought and read other Bible stories but none so able to build a child’s faith. My Mom read these books to me and my siblings in Dutch and how I loved them. So I am pleading with you to republish them.” — MvV at Q, BC

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