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Subject: Psalms and Hymns

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And They Sing a New Song - Psalms

By Van Der Waal, C.

About Psalms and Hymns

Reformed Churches have sung the Psalms for centuries. But what about the place of hymns in the worship services? Van der Waal shows from Holy Scripture and history what criteria churches should use for the Song of the Church. A must read for everyone who loves the Church of Christ and desires to do His will also in singing to the glory of His Name.

Dr. C. Van der Waal (1919-1980) is the author of numerous works in the areas of ecumenism, exegesis, and church history, among them The Covenantal Gospel (about the unity of Old and New Testament), Hal Lindsey and Biblical Prophecy, (about the Scriptural interpretation of Biblical Prophecy, especially of the Book of Revelation), and Search the Scriptures (a ten volume guide for Bible reading).

Bible and Reformed Confessions