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Subject: Time: 1900

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L.W.C.3 Scout of Christiaan de Wet

By Penning, Lawrence

The Louis Wessels Commando # 3

It is the year 1900 and the Boer War continues to ravage the South African Free State and Transvaal. The English are relentless in their attacks and pernicious in seeking to achieve political power. But the Afrikaners refuse to submit and continue the struggle to maintain their freedom.

Louis Wessels, the young hunter, and the Dutchman Jan Tromp, despite skirting danger, falling into traps, confronting traitors, hiding and escaping, slowly achieve their mission as they transverse the Transvaal as scouts for General Christiaan de Wet. Yet when they are finally trapped with no seeming escape, they meet an old acquaintance.

Even though these dedicated Afrikaners are surrounded by the horrors and ravages of war there is time for laughter at Blikoortje’s exploits, and time to receive encouragement from loved ones.

Historical Fiction for Teens & Adults