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Subject: Time: 1537-1554

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RT12 Coronation of Glory - Lady Grey

By Meroff, Deborah

The true story of seventeen-year-old Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days.

“Miss Meroff . . . has fictionalized the story of Lady Jane Grey in a thoroughly absorbing manner . . . she has succeeded in making me believe this is what really happened. I kept wanting to read on — the book is full of action and interest.”

— Elisabeth Elliot

(Note from Inheritance Publications: This book, originally published by Zondervan in 1979, was well received on our visits to schools and churches in the 1980s. Several people had told us that Canadians were not interested in history. And so we used Coronation of Glory and This Was John Calvin by Thea Van Halsema to discover whether this rumour was correct. We thankfully report that it was proven wrong. We sold many copies of the above mentioned books to the great satisfaction of our customers. Since then we began publishing books on our own. God blessed our efforts so that we could publish e.g. the William and Mary Trilogy. It is now our pleasure to again reprint Coronation of Glory.)

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