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Extra-Scriptural Binding-See:Americ

By Schilder, Klaas

American Secession Theologians on Covenant and Baptism by Jelle Faber and Extra-Scriptural Binding A New Danger by Klaas Schilder Jelle Tuininga in Christian Renewal: . . . The main purpose of Schilder was to dissuade and discourage Hoeksema (and the Prot. Ref. Churches) from adopting the so-called Brief Declaration. Schilder saw this, correctly I believe, as an "extra Scriptural binding" which would only lead to separate church federations instead of unity. . . I am happy that the publisher has made these essays available in English to a larger audience. The more so, because they deal with important issues which are now coming to the surface again. We must be informed on such salient points.

Reformed Doctrine & Theology